Sevinj Huseynova – is an Alumni of Baku State University with a master's  degree in Clinical Psychology. Sevinj had started working with kids during  her university years, including    experience with special children. Ms. Sevinj  joined Bumblebee Family in 2015.






Gulnara Hasanova graduated from Azerbaijan State Teachers Institute with Bachelor's Degree in Preschool Psychology. Ms. Gulya has 31 years of work experience with children as a preschool and music teacher, as well as a private tutor. She joined Bumblebee Montessori in 2016.





Aynur Hasanova is a talented artist and piano player. Ms. Aynur has working    experience in international schools. She joined Bumblebee Montessori team    in 2018. Ms. Aynur loves to paint with children and play them the piano.