The Music Program at Bumblebee is designed to teach the children the language of music through singing songs—both with and without words—chanting poems and rhythms, moving to music, listening to live and recorded music, exploring instruments and sounds and acting out stories associated with pieces or songs. The children intuitively learn to understand, and sing in, a variety of keys, tonalities and meters. Through improvisation, and group music making they explore the joy of creating a musical community where every student’s input is valued.

The program fosters a love of music, and, with gentle guidance from the teacher, children are encouraged to take more and more musical risks as they experience successes. Music gives children the ear training required for participation in music throughout their lives.

With growing aural mastery of the language of music comes the preparedness for reading, playing instruments and writing music as the children continue their education in ongoing schools. At the end of the year, parents are invited to join their child for a celebratory display of the musical skills students have learned in their music class.